Alvin Ang

Vice President, Venture Capital & Private Equity

I'm Alvin Ang, Vice President at Turn/River Capital

Alvin Ang's Bio:

Current Passion:    I am a Vice President at Turn/River Capital, a tech private equity firm in San Francisco. We look for Software-as-a-Service businesses with >$5M in annual revenues to help founders exit & move on to their next exciting idea OR provide founders with growth capital to grow their business to the next level OR a solution where founders are able to take some chips off the table & double down on the business.   If you own a SaaS business (especially bootstrappers), regardless of what niche you're in, hit me up. I would love to chat & see how we can be of any help - whether it is a connection to anyone we know or potential exit / growth capital for your business.   Engineering Education:   I graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University with a Certificate of Entrepreneurship, a patent pending product, experience as the chairman of the board for a $4M business, won a few business competitions and a ton of great experiences.    Since graduation, I've started a few companies and worked on a few projects in the IT world. I've ventured into programming since 2012 and accelerated my programming knowledge through App Academy, an amazing programming bootcamp in SF in 2014.    My Interests:    SaaS businesses, Marketing Analytics, Funnel Optimization, Ruby on Rails, networking with people who dare to dream & execute on their ideas   Would love to connect with: - Founders / Business Owners / Entrepreneurs - Venture Capitals, Angel Investors, Private Equity firms (hope to send great founders your way) - Programmers, Growth Hackers

Alvin Ang's Experience:

  • Vice President at Turn/River Capital

    Turn/River Capital is an untraditional tech private equity fund based in SF. Our focus is to provide growth capital or exit opportunities to founders and grow the business to the next level. We tend to focus on Software-as-a-Service type companies with $1-10M annual revenue - however, we're always happy to chat about your business! My role is to identify and analyze SaaS businesses for potential investment or acquisition opportunities & dive into marketing opportunities and hacks that can be implemented to accelerate growth. We talk to a lot of founders on a daily basis and if we are not able to help, we'll do our best to connect you with our friends in this space. Being a programmer/marketer with a constant itch to learn & code, I'm working on an internal tool using Rails & dabble with SEM/funnel optimization from time to time. If you're a founder/business owner/awesome programmer/growth hacker/investor, hit me up - I would love to chat :)

  • VP of Social Marketing at is a hidden treasure when it comes to SSL certificates. They provide the best customer support for a great price to consumer and enterprises for their SSL Certs. The founder, Leo Grove is a wiz and veteran in this space. I was in charge of social media marketing and outsourcing, site restructuring & launch with focus on brand development, web traffic growth and search engine optimization for relevant keywords. A really fun tool that we developed was the OpenSSL CSR generator to help ease the process of installing a SSL Certificate.

  • Cofounder & Programmer at AS Flux

    AS Flux is a custom software and app development company. We pivot from working with clients in the past to focusing on our own projects. We've created and launched over 20 websites using Wordpress and Ruby on Rails. During my time growing AS Flux, I've scaled a niche website from $0 to $100/day in 3 months by writing code to hook on a few open source APIs, optimize the database, layout/structure of the entire site and a few growth hacking techniques on the SEO/SEM front. Before passing the project off, we have 14M pages indexed, >1,000 daily visits and growing & hooked on to a 3rd party API to create a profitable & scalable product.

  • Co-Founder at AListPress

    Developed software to help freelance writers create high quality content in less than 5 minutes using a Mad-Libs type approach. Managed social media platforms across all properties Lead new product development Created systematic approach to automate task at hand Craft and implement marketing strategies focusing on product launch and long term goals

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors at Purdue Student Publishing Foundation

    Purdue Student Publishing Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established to maintain the vision of Purdue Exponent: a publication free from censorship other than that exercised by the student staff. They are a $4 million dollar company and are among the very few college newspapers who are financially stable independent of the university. I was very fortunate to get involved in Purdue Student Publishing Foundation for most of my college career, from a regular board member, to the Finance Chair and finally, the Chairman of the Board. My role was to lead monthly board meetings, recruit and develop new directors, review monthly financial statements, approve budget proposals and evaluate executive performance. As a pre-graduate engineer with passion in entrepreneurship, PSPF provided me an opportunity of a lifetime. The ability to dive into the financials and operations of a $4M business is phenomenal.

  • Cofounder at RollOutGreen

    Lead a team of four to research and developed a revolutionized sheet that enables users to create beautifully designed and optimized flower garden, with an option for customization. Our team turned an idea into an actual product accompanied by a full-blown business plan. RollOutGreen secured the top position in the PolyU Innovations & Entrepreneurship Global Student Challenge 2011 in Hong Kong and the third position in the 2011 Burton D. Morgan Business Plan competition at Purdue University.

  • Cofounder at Dentural

    Dentural is an all-natural denture adhesive that is safe to consume. Our team (Ankit Gupta, David Barron, Manaz Taleyarkhan, and myself) created this patent pending product for a competition and took the top prize in 2 competitions (Soy Innovation Competition and the Burton D Morgan Elevator Pitch Competition). The problem with denture adhesive is in one of its composition, Zinc. There has been several lawsuits against denture adhesive's industrial leaders. The goal of Dentural is to create an alternative solution for consumers.

  • Staff Resident at Purdue University

    Hired, supervised and train 21 direct reports. Managed operations in a 800 people residence hall. Develop and implemented progressive discipline for the hall.

  • Research Assistant at Purdue University

    Designed, constructed and updated research group webpage. Analyzed products using Gas Chromatography. Assembled and identified parts needed in reactor design.

  • R&D Intern at Frito Lay Research & Development

    My goal was to investigate different methods to maximize salt adhesion on pretzels. To achieve that, I designed and performed a full factorial and a response surface modeling experiment to determine the optimum conditions for my test and evaluated a measurement method to quantify salt adhesion on pretzels.

Alvin Ang's Education:

  • App Academy

    Concentration: Programming
    Activities: Ruby on Rails, Javascript
  • Purdue University

    Bachelor of Science
    Concentration: Chemical Engineering
    Activities: Purdue Student Publishing Foundation, Soy and Corn Innovations Competition (1st place), Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition (3rd place), Burton D. Morgan Elevator Pitch Competition, Danone Trust Day Business Challenge, Hong Kong PolyU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge (1st place), MIT Clean Prize, UMCC Case Challenge, Dow Chemical Case Competition, Business Professional of America National Conference, Purdue Innovations

Alvin Ang's Interests & Activities:

Saas businesses, tennis, 5am club